A Message from Matthew 6 on Are You a Worker or a Worrier?

The Lord Jesus Himself tells us to stop worrying about needless cares

In Matthew 6, the Lord Jesus Himself tells us to stop worrying about needless cares. This powerpoint-guided message on YouTube looks deeper into Matthew 6:24-35. Understand more about worries and how to overcome them by watching the powerpoint guided message:

You can also download a pdf guide with the message outline & some questions you can discuss in a group.

Quotes from the message:
When worry and fears come, always go back to the times God has provided for you. Remember how faithful and gracious God has been.

Once you have the right perception in life, you begin to live in the right way.

When your focus is God, the fruit will be godliness.

Being a Christian should not be secondary in life. It’s who you are before anything else.

Some things we worry about are legitimate needs. But with our tendency to want more, we usually fail to draw the line between needs and desires.

The Lord Jesus assures that he’s got our needs covered. We shouldn’t be overly concerned as long as we do our part in being diligent. (ptr.mike/ “are you a worker or a worrier?”

“When we overly worry, we undervalue ourselves. It makes us forget we are God’s children.”

You don’t solve your anxieties by doubting God’s promises.

We need to stop being overly anxious on things that God already promised to provide.

Overcome your worries by trusting God. Work on what you can address and trust God for what you cannot control.

Let go of materialism.

Watch against worrying.

The right attitude brings about the right actions. When you think right, you live right.

Worrying is wasting. It takes our focus away from building a relationship with God and serving Him.

Worrying is unwise. It makes us neglect the more important things.

Worrying is unproductive. You don’t solve needless worries.

Worrying is unhealthy. Each day will have its own worries. It’s unhealthy to add more problems to what you’re already facing today.

While we focus on our perceived needs and wants, our all-wise and sovereign God who is in control knows exactly what we need and is working out ways so that we can be brought into FOCUS on what we really need: Him.

Laziness is not encouraged in Scriptures. We are told to stop worrying not to stop working.

Watch against NEEDLESS worries.

Allow God to take care of you. He does care for you.

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