Matthew 6 Talks About Pursuing What Matters Most

Understand Your Bible

In this time of crisis, Matthew 6:19-24 will refocus our hearts and minds and encourage us as the passage talks about pursuing what matters most. Listen to the powerpoint-guided message here. You can also download a pdf guide with the message outline & some questions you can discuss in a group.

Quotes from the message:
"Earthly pursuits have value. They are needed. But it should not come to a point that these consume you and lead you away from what matters most in life."

"For many, their life pursuits are most probably on hold at this time. But if you chose the right pursuit in life, it doesn't have to be quarantined with you." 

“Stop being short-sighted. Secure things that truly last. The worldly perception that temporal things are the primary goals of this life is short-sighted.”

"What we focus on most and takes much of our time, efforts, capabilities, and resources, will eventually be what we value most in this life."

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