Making Sense of the Words of Eliphaz in Job 5

Understanding Job 5

This 3-day devotional looks into the words of Eliphaz. Though this friend of Job wrongly understood the cause of Job's sufferings, we can still make good sense on some of the things he said.

Day 1
Bible Reading: Job 5:1-7
  • Although Eliphaz was “barking at the wrong tree” and had a number of erroneous declarations derived from his experiences, there were still some truths to what he said to Job.
  • (v.6)
          -Man’s misfortunes do not come from nature or accidental circumstances, they all originate  from human sin.

         - All sufferings are because of sin.
        -  Even testings (that are not meant to be consequences of particular sins) are needed to weed away and mold into better, that which has been corrupted by human nature.

  • (v.7)
          - As sure as sparks from a flame fly upwards, so will man be troubled from the day of his birth. This is the consequence of sin.

Day 2
Bible Reading: Job 5:8-16
  • Despite Eliphaz’ wrong assessment of Job’s situation (as he continues to wrongly accuse Job of sin), this passage declares great truths about God.
(vs.8-15) It makes a whole lot of sense to seek God first when in trouble and to come to Him for help because:
  • He does great & marvelous things beyond our understanding. (v.9)
  • He takes care of His creation. (v.10, Cp.Mat.6:25-34)
  • He donors and delivers those who are humble (lowly) and repentant (mourn). (v.11)
  • He frustrates evil plans against those needing help. (v.12-14)
  • He protects the helpless from wrongful accusations and actions. (v.15)
  • He gives hope and justice. (v.16)

Day 3
Bible Reading: Job 5:17-27
  • Although the great truths in this passage do not apply to Job, they declare several wonderful descriptions of what God does to his children.
  • (v.17) God’s discipline is something to be taken with gladness, for it shows God’s caring love
  • (18-26) God’s constant care shows up in so many ways in the midst of our trouble; even in the ones we’ve brought upon ourselves.
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