Paul Defends the Gospel and Confronts Peter in Galatians 2

Paul defends some key truths of the Gospel in Galatians 2 and confronts Peter in the process

This 3-day devotional study looks at Paul's defense of the Gospel and how he had to confront Peter in doing that.

Day 1
Devotional Reading: Galatians 2:1-10
Marked: vs. 2-3
  • In defense of his ministry against Jews who were preaching a different gospel (those who wanted to impose unnecessary prerequisites to justification, even asking Gentiles to become Jews first), Paul establishes his credibility more by getting the affirmation of the Leadership in Jerusalem.
  • Paul made sure there were no unnecessary questions or hindrances to the people they are ministering to, lest their ministry be ruined by some of the Jews’ desire to impose traditions on the Gentiles.
Lesson(s) Learned:

  1. The gospel has and will always have oppositions. And, they have and will come in different forms (vs.2, 4-5).
  2. There are no other conditions apart from faith for justification to salvation (vs.3, 5-6). If there are, then it would not be of grace (Rom.11:6).
  3. We should make sure that the integrity of our teachings is always preserved (vs.2, 7-9), keeping it secure against possible doubts created by false teachings.

Day 2

Devotional Reading: Galatians  2:11-14
Marked: vs.11, 14
  • Peter was one of those that affirmed Paul & Barnabas’ ministry to the Gentiles. But, it seems that he wasn’t ready yet to accept it publicly for fear of the Jews.
  • His fear of them made him act hypocritically.
  • Despite Peter's position and fame, Paul fearlessly confronted him.
  • Paul didn’t want the new Gentile Christians to feel lower because of the actions of Peter and the Jews.
Lesson(s) Learned:

  1. We should never allow position or reputation to hinder us from confronting and correcting sin in the lives of those God has allowed us to influence. No one is above correction (vs.11).
  2. Even leaders sometimes act hypocritically for fear of judgment (vs.12-13). But, we should never be men-pleasers. Our goal should be to please God in everything we do.
  3. How we behave can affect many (vs.13). We should make sure we influence people right.
  4. Even in the church, discrimination has and will continue to be a problem. God chose Israel over the other nations but He clearly emphasized equality among the Jews and the Gentiles in the N.T. Within the church, there should be no particular preferences for race, social status, skills, or any other sort.

Day 3

Devotional Reading: Galatians  2:15-21
Marked: vs.15-16, 20
  • Paul continues to establish the true gospel against those who are trying to impose the law on the Gentile Christians.
  • To answer their erroneous concerns, Paul emphasizes that justification by faith does not give anyone liberty to sin.
Lesson(s) Learned:
  1. No one is ‘good & perfect enough’ to be justified by works, reason why Christ had to die for our sins and provide us justification by faith in Him (vs.15-16).
  2. Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. There is nothing more we can add to that (vs.21).
  3. Justification by faith does not mean we can live as we please (vs.17). To the contrary, faith in Christ identifies us with His death, and the new life we now have is lived with Him, in Him, and by faith in Him (vs.20).

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